Monday, September 19, 2016

Latest Trends Towards Natural Treatment and Wellness in Aid of Autism in the Philippines

It's not every day  that one is invited to join and listen to a group of speakers talk about different trends in wellness, natural healing, and treatment.  Together with other media people, I was lucky to have attended the Natural and Integrative Medicine Conference held in Taal Vista Lodge on Sept. 8, 2016, because I heard straight from the horse's mouth different natural methods of treatment that they subscribe to.  

Spearheaded by Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park, (please excuse me for the bad photo) proprietor of  Antonia's Integrated and Functional Wellbeing, Inc based in the Philippines as well as Antonia's Health Solutions SDN BHD, which is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,  the conference basically discussed alternatives to curing autism as there are already about 1 million Filipinos diagnosed with it.  This number is still increasing as researchers have discovered that autism is not only genetically caused but also acquired because of environmental hazards that the mother was exposed to during her pregnancy.   Among these are radiation from continuous use of wireless technology like mobile phone even for 10 minutes only. 

During the conference, I was able to hear Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, executive director of Regensterm U.S,A  who is one of the forerunners of natural medicine talk about increasing the strength and natural power of mother cells in the body in order to counter deadly diseases and toxins that the body is exposed to daily.   Another speaker that really caught my attention is the lovely Dr. Sashi and her peer Dr. Yasotha of Zazen Health Solutions who introduced their latest innovation which is the infrared sauna and the scalar waves.  The infrared sauna has been proven effective in curing a host of ailments including autistic problems.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Loyal LBC Customer Shares Personal LBC Experience

The other day I saw a post in Facebook about a woman complaining in a forum called Tambayan ni Berto. Her complain was that she sent money through LBC Express, P24,000+ to her brother and a cousin in Las Pinas. The money was supposed to be used for their tuition fee. The woman claimed that after she sent the money to the LBC branch in Novaliches, she did not text the tracking number to her brother until the next day. The following morning, she was surprised when she allegedly received a text saying that her brother had received the money. This happened when she hasn't texted him the tracking number and that the money was received in a branch in Cebu.

The woman who alleged that she lost money wouldn't file a complaint right away, but eventually relented. The matter is still under investigation by LBC's people. I found it curious that anyone could get her money without the tracking number. I was particularly interested because I receive money all the time from my wife who works in Singapore. Not only do I receive money, I also receive packages from LBC and sometimes I would send packages to my wife via LBC. For more than 5 years, we have always used the services of LBC, and I have never encountered any problems.

Im not saying that the woman's complaint may have been invalid but there seemed like her story was riddled with holes. I wish people would stop posting hateful and smearing posts on Facebook and elsewhere because it misleads people. Smearing is both illegal and immoral. Let's not engage in that activity. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mar Roxas May Have a Silver Spoon But ….

He maybe born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he is more than just his prominent surname and multimillion peso asset (talk about being a scion of the marriage between the Aranetas and the Roxas, owners of the major financial and shopping district of Quezon City, Araneta Center). While I was growing up, I always associated the name Roxas only to Manuel Roxas, Sr.  As we all probably know, Manuel Roxas, Sr. was the last Philippine President of the Commonwealth, that government created by the Americans, and was the first president of the first Philippine Republic, that period of our political history when the Americans have decided for us to chart our own destiny, so to speak.

These days, the name Mar Roxas keeps trending and popping in the headlines of major dailies, and in the social media.  Some news are favourable, while other news just keep on hitting below the belt areas.   Well, what else is new, such is always the scenario during election season in the Philippines.    There’s so much mud-slinging and even the oldest misdemeanor one has committed gets blown  out of proportion, all for the purpose of discrediting candidates. 

And this is just what I admire about my candidate, Mar Roxas; he comes squeaky clean.  Coming from a familial lineage that is not tarnished with any dishonourable act, he has a duty to keep such reputation unblemished.   This is probably the reason why to this day, there is no Roxas that holds a high position in the government, other than him.   Which is just as well, if only to protect the family’s clean record.  Mar Roxas’s service record is just impeccable that no one can throw any accusation of corruption at him.  While other candidates have questionable records and have faced corruption cases while in office, Mar Roxas’s record remains unblemished.  Mar Roxas is just a candidate whose main purpose is to effect change in the lives of the Filipinos by being sincere in performing his duties to serve the public and show
integrity in actions and words.   He does not make huge promises which he might not be able to keep, and very statesmanlike in his words.  I’d say it’s the one thing that sets him apart from other candidates. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mar Roxas Vows To Find Solutions to Traffic Problems in Metro Manila

How to solve the traffic problem in Metro Manila is the multimillion-peso question that our government is still struggling to find the answer to.  There have been many attempts to solve or at least lighten the traffic condition especially in EDSA, Metro Manila’s main artery in the past, by different administrations; however, with hundreds of thousands of cars added yearly, the traffic problem has compounded and this is affecting greatly our economy.   Our government loses millions or even billions of pesos when productivity suffers because of delays caused by traffic.  Our officials cannot simply scratch their heads and hope for the solution to fall on their laps out of nowhere.   It’s time to get a few ideas from our experienced neighbors. 

How does Bangkok manage its traffic situation and how does Singapore maintain order on its roads  despite being a tiny nation?  They both have an efficient mass transport system that the government runs and manages.   Bangkok’s train system within the city is clean, comfortable and well-managed;   I wish I can say the same for our three train lines.     Being a commuter myself, I will not mind paying premium amount if I will be in a safe and clean environment.   Safety is everybody’s main concern.  Recently, we saw videos of the old LRT with defective doors and we hear news of our MRT conking in the middle of the tracks.  This is tantamount to subjecting our commuters to an abusive situation and this is unacceptable because public safety is a responsibility of the government. 

Singapore, on the other hand, has very strict laws when it comes to selling and purchasing cars.   No one is allowed to own/purchase a car or any vehicle unless he also purchases a parking lot for it.  This will never happen in the Philippines.   The government agency that issues car licenses will never implement this law, if there is one.  Hence, we see cars parked on the roadsides which add to the congestion of roads.

“Presidentiable” Mar Roxas from Daang Matuwid has expressed his plans in resolving the traffic problem by constructing a train system that is at par with international standards and most of all, a public transport system that is run by the government and not politicians and select businessmen.   I wish “presidentiable” Mar would include stricter implementation of traffic laws in his plans like fining and impounding smoke-belchers that not only make everyone’s life miserable but also destroy the atmosphere.    

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