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Here is our main collections covering everything from squishies to slime!
We adore the extraordinary. That’s why we are intrigued by legendary creatures like unicorns. Have a look at our collection of unicorn squishies and other mythical creatures with magical powers!
The soft and cute squishies as you love them, but with a comforting scent. The Scented squishies release a scent when squeezed
Slime is one of the very favourite squishy toys. And no wonder! 😍 Its fluffy texture and bright colors make the experience super fun and satisfying. Check our slime collection and find one just for you
Stress balls have scientifically proven anti-stress and muscle relaxation properties 😇 Check our collection of squishy stress balls and you will find something perfectly suitable for you
Find your funny and cute Kawaii Animal Squishies right here! If you’re looking for a Cat, Panda, Seal or a completely different Animal Squishy, you may find it here
Looking for an extraordinarily cute phone case? Then our squishy phone case collection is for you. The squishy phone cases are getting more trendy everyday and we have the hottest ones on the market.
Are you on a hunt for funny toys? Then check out our cutest and most slow rising funny squishies in variety of designs and colors! 😘
Do you like when cute things are bigger? You will love our collection of Jumbo and Super Jumbo Squishies! Whether you’re looking for a Jumbo Rainbow cake, Ice Cream or something completely different, you will find it here.
If the cute squishies isn’t cute enough for you, Mini squishies is what you need! The cute mini squishies come in similar cute designs, colors & texture, just smaller and cuter.

The description of Squishy Collections
Squishy is a toy that has the ability to return to its original shape because of sponge-based, funny-shaped characters, squishy doll or sometimes also called a toy skuisi usually used for key chains or hangers of skuisi, hp hanger, pen place, paperclip but its main function is as a stress reliever.Squishy comes from english, which means slippery.

for fans of the pleasure squad to collect the squad because of its funny, kawaii, interesting, and adorable form. But in addition to collectible skuisi also have usefulness loh, skuisi itself is widely used as wrist pad (saucer when using mouse / typing computer) because its soft shape can give comfort to wrist. Some squads also have a function as pens, paper clips, key chains, and can also be rewarded.

Many people use skuit dolls as a stress reliever. Why can? because the squad can be squeezed and re-formed, so for some people can channel the stress by squeezing squats, and proven effective to reduce stress.

One of the most famous types of squad is Breadou Squishy, ​​which resembles bread, shapes, colors and fragrances like real bread, even in the form of donuts, pies, bread buns, melon bread, cakes, croissants, macarons, bread and so on.

Skuisi is classified into 2, namely:

1. Common Squishy
Common squishy is a toy skuition that is not listed who the manufacturer of the squad is. The slow rate of common squishy is also different when compared with the same squishy shape. This common skuisi also not have a distinctive aroma like appearance. That's why the squishy common has a relatively affordable price and you can search for this toy squad at a nearby toy store or shopping center.

2. Licensed Squishy
Licensed squishy is a kind of squishy that is quite expensive because as the name implies, squishy licensed is a toy that has a brand skuisi. Squishy licenced has a very soft texture, slow rising, and has an aroma that suits its shape. Licensed squishy producers come from various countries in Asia, such as Indonesia, China, Singapore, Japan, and several other countries.